We believe shopping tells all

Our technology-driven marketing solutions increase your sales and connect you to your customer

About Connexity

Shopping powers our marketing platforms

We believe that shopping patterns are the best predictors of consumer behavior. In fact we’ve built our business on our ability to understand consumers – connecting them with marketers and merchants.

If you need to understand your customer, target new prospects, or drive sales, Connexity’s suite of products deliver results:

  • Paid Search & Marketplace – Performance-based marketing that finds in-market shoppers and delivers conversions at lower cost

  • Bizrate Insights – A reporting and ratings platform that captures the power of the consumer voice.

  • Display Media – An audience activation platform that integrates retail data and programmatic buying.

Connexity marketing platform

Technology & service bring our data to life

We’ve connected brands and retailers to consumers for over 15 years.

We’ve built an integrated technology platform that synthesizes our proprietary data and helps our partners learn from, discover, and target their customers.


But we don’t just rely on technology. Our clients can count on dedicated, experienced teams to deliver outstanding service. The results: campaigns that are easier to execute and more effective at hitting tough performance goals.

Together, our integrated technology, quality retail data and premier service set us apart.

Marketing solutions combine data technology and service

We operate some of the top shopping sites

Connexity Shopzilla
On Shopzilla, shoppers find the best value by comparing prices and reviews from thousands of retailers.
Connexity Bizrate
Bizrate provides shoppers with reviews and retailer ratings to ensure every transaction is seamless and safe.
Connexity Beso
Beso inspires fashionistas with great deals on the latest styles and personalized trends from shoppers’ favorite brands and stores.
Connexity Retrevo
On Retrevo, consumers find award-winning tech enthusiast content, owner manuals, product reviews and listings.
Connexity Tada
Tada shares coupon codes that work. Consumers find promo codes and free shipping deals from thousands of stores.
Connexity international sites
International Sites
Connexity also operates country specific versions for many of the above sites in the UK, France, Canada and Germany including PrixMoinsCher, and SparDeinGeld.

Supporting marketers in the US and Europe

We’ve established sites, marketing solutions and offices to connect retailers with shoppers around the world. We have offices in Los Angeles, San Diego, Camarillo, New York, Chicago, London, and India. We operate sites and provide solutions for marketers in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain & Italy.

Connexity international online marketing

Timeline key dates

June 1996: The company is founded in Los Angeles after our founders submitted an 80-page business school assignment that fails to dazzle their Wharton MBA faculty.
October 1997: Premiered the first online customer ratings system and launched Bizrate.com.
October 1999 – May 2000: Bizrate launches new product search tools and creates a new way to shop via product and price comparison. Bizrate unveils an automated and dynamic cost-per-click model for merchants, the first one in online shopping history.
October 2001: Bizrate is voted as “One of the Top 100 Web Sites for 2001” by PC Magazine
2003: Bizrate revamps its search platform – its new engine is able to index over 100 million products and thousands more stores.
October 2004: Shopzilla Inc. is formed and launches new sites in the US, UK and France.
June 2005: Shopzilla Inc. is purchased by the E.W. Scripps Company.
November 2005: Shopzilla sends over one million shoppers to retail partners for the first time on the Monday after Thanksgiving in 2005 – the year that the National Retail Federation officially deems it “Cyber Monday”.
August 2006: Shopzilla is cited as one of Time Magazine’s “25 Sites We Can’t Live Without”
March 2008: Shopzilla launches a cost-per-click affiliate network, connecting website publishers interested in monetizing their site content with Shopzilla’s world class syndicated shopping data.
July 2009: Shopzilla introduces Beso, a fashion site focused on providing shopping ideas and style inspiration.
June 2011: Shopzilla is divested from Scripps by Symphony Technology Group.
June 2012: Shopzilla launches Aisle A, an audience targeting solution that gives advertisers access to premium retail ad inventory and large, targeted audiences through the company’s programmatic buying platform.
October 2013: The company launches product listings program and comparison shopping websites in Italy and Spain.
February 2014: Shopzilla acquires Connexity, a pioneer in the programmatic media buying and optimization space marrying big retail data with an end-to-end programmatic media buying solution.
September 2014: Shopzilla changes its name to Connexity to highlight its transformation into to a marketing platform that offers Search, Display and Insights solutions based on its unique retail data and advanced technology.

Our culture is defined by the Connexity Code

We live and work by these four principles:

  • Embrace our business and mission
  • Know our customers
  • Understand your role
  • Support your fellow Xers
  • Investigate how it all works
  • Ask questions about why we do it
  • Seek to understand the X Factor
  • Say what needs to be said
  • Face challenges with gusto
  • Manage through uncertainty
  • Do something big
  • Treat fellow Xers with respect
  • Remain calm
  • Help each other
  • Have fun

Meet some of our Connexity “X-ers.”

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