Fresh ecommerce content for SEO…for Free

Hayley Silver/Announcements

Nov 8 2011

Google noted on its blog on November 3, 2011 that it is changing its algorithm to increase the value of fresh and recent (yet still relevant) content in SEO. This means that two weeks before the holiday season kick-off, retailers are left to figure out how to include fresh, recent and relevant content without jeopardizing everything that they have already put in place.

Bizrate Insights to the rescue.

Retailers can gather ratings and reviews from verified customers on the purchase experience and products for FREE with Bizrate Insights. Plus, Bizrate Insights can invite customers to share their new purchases on Facebook (for free, of course).

Tips for retailers already using our Buyer Surveys:

  • Post new customer ratings and reviews to your site daily, weekly, or as often as needed to maintain SEO rankings.
  • Add products purchased to your survey invitation code on the order confirmation page so that we can collect product reviews that you can publish and/or invite customers to share their products purchased on Facebook.
      • If you haven’t updated your POS code in a while, then do it now.

Tips for retailers not yet using our Buyer Surveys:

  • Using our standard code to collect ratings and reviews on the purchase experience is as simple as copy/paste. Open an account, grab the code from the interface, and paste it into the top of the body section of your order confirmation page.
  • Sign up for reports in the Subscription Management Center to gain access to ratings and reviews for publication.
  • Utilize the SKU fields in the order confirmation page survey invitation code to be able to collect product reviews and share purchases on Facebook.

In addition to providing retailers with easy-to-implement-and-collect fresh content that can be used for Google’s bots, Bizrate Insights also already provides Google’s Seller Rating’s feature with order fulfillment ratings and reviews from verified buyers. Bizrate Insights’ has two ways to help retailers get the most from retail searches on Google.

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