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Case Studies
January 20, 2017

Connexity Identifies New Audience for Major Auto Manufactuer

The Challenge of Reaching a New Audience

GumGum worked with a major Japanese auto manufacturer to promote their minivan online. The brand was focused on generating awareness and meeting conversion goals for high-value online actions (such as requesting a quote from a dealer). Tasked with finding prospective customers outside of typical in-market and competitive conquesting strategies, GumGum turned to Connexity for a fresh approach to targeting that would expand their auto client’s reach to a new audience while also boosting conversions.

GumGum, a computer vision platform for marketers, helps its clients deliver
highly relevant and contextual ads within the boundaries of an image.
The advertiser: A major Japanese Auto OEM

The Solution

Closing the gap between consumer insights and media activation, Connexity first sought to better understand the
auto manufacturer’s customers and then follow up with targeted media based on these insights. Using Hitwise AudienceView, Connexity considered a full 360-degree consumer profile of the client’s past minivan owners. The detailed profile included demographic, lifestyle, life-stage as well as attitudinal data. Based on the highest indexing attributes from the AudienceView profile snapshot, Connexity recommended a suite of segments that best matched the client’s minivan owners new audience.

Connexity identifies new audiences for major auto manufacturer: doubling the campaign’s reach while also boosting conversions by 50%

The Tactic

Ten audiences from Connexity’s Life Stage, Lifestyle, and Demographic categories including:

  • Household CEO
  • Moms with Children 0-2 and 3-5
  • Asian Ethnicity

GumGum landed data for these ready-to-activate audiences in their own proprietary platform for targeting and activation.

“What we love most about our partnership with Connexity is the
ability to generate an audience profile for any given advertiser or
product through AudienceView – and then activate against it using
Connexity segments.”
-Travis O’Neil, Vice President of Operations at GumGum

The Results

Connexity’s Insights-to-Activation audiences significantly improved campaign performance. When compared to in-market automotive audiences traditionally targeted by GumGum’s client, Connexity’s new audience drove both higher reach and conversion rates. The strong performance of Connexity’s data and Insights-to-Activation approach has opened new
opportunities with GumGum in automotive and other verticals.

Source: Hitwise, a division of Connexity