Connexity Ad Channels

How Ads Appear on Our Shopping Ad Platform

Not everyone shops the same way. Connexity offers distinct advertising channels each with different ad placement types to help you reach more consumers where and how they shop.

> Search Ads Channel

> Dynamic Ads Channel

> Content Ads Channel

> Influence Ads Channel

We carefully curate traffic sources for each channel to offer access at scale to different retail-oriented shoppers with high purchase intent. Our fully managed service maximizes the retailer’s exposure and competitive opportunity by optimizing placements across each channel type and managing budget to deliver high performance on the retailer’s ROAS goals.


Search Ads

Reach High-Intent Shoppers Actively Searching for Products

Search ads will appear as product listing ads (PLAs) resulting from shoppers actively searching products on Bing, Google or portals like Yahoo. These placements reach consumers at high-intent phases of the shopper’s journey where price evaluation is occurring and where purchase options are being examined.

Benefitting From Connexity Search Ads

Most consumers search for products online and many compare features, prices and purchasing options directly in pages of search results for those products. This is your opportunity to maximize exposure of your products in these critical, high-intent phases of a shoppers journey.

As a comparison shopping site (CSS) partner, Connexity is able to manage search PLA campaigns on behalf of retailers. Our partnership model allows Connexity to offer incremental placements that do not compete with placements you may make directly with Bing or Google. By working with Connexity your reach is extended as your ads acquire more “shelf space” in PLA results being reviewed by shoppers.

How the Connexity Search Ads Channel Works

Along with establishing a budget and setting performance goals you will need to provide Connexity with a structured feed of product offer data. Our proprietary systems will enhance your product data with alternate titles or descriptions, category labels and other offer attributes. The enhanced data will allow Connexity’s sophisticated optimization and bidding systems to make additional, non-competing listings that extend your exposure in PLA results.





Dynamic Ads

Reach Target Audiences on High-Growth Interactive Sources

Dynamic Ads reach audiences on high growth sources where they interact and where they can be targeted based on product intent and consideration from past shopping behavior or based on the declaration of brand and product affinities. A carefully curated group of traffic sources like Facebook, Snapchat and publisher sites with targeting options fuel the Dynamic Ads channel.

Benefitting From Connexity Dynamic Ads

Designed to put relevant product offers in front of high target audiences, Dynamic Ads can be used for:

Remarketing – Targeting a group of shoppers who have interacted with your content

Lookalike Marketing – New audiences with similar shopping behaviors as your customers

Category Prospecting – Lookalike audiences with shopping behaviors similar to your product category

Conquesting – Targeting shoppers demonstrating previous shopping behavior with competitive brands

Retailers in any category can benefit from Dynamic Ads on the Connexity platform. With over 40,000 traffic sources in our network and shopping ads for thousands of retailers on our platform, Connexity can create unique shopper profiles unavailable anywhere else. This means you benefit from targeting opportunities found exclusively on Connexity.

Even where a retailer already runs a campaign on Facebook, Connexity adds value. Our automated processing of product data feeds enables Connexity to create alternative, non-competing ads and ad copy. The result is incremental placements that increase exposure by expanding your reach into key audience targets.

How the Connexity Dynamic Ads Channel Works

Connexity makes it easy for retailers. Using your structured data feed of product offers together with profiles of shopping audience segments, our systems optimize the placement of targeted shopping ads across high-growth traffic sources like Facebook, Snapchat and other sites that provide targeted ad placement options.

A data feed of product offers is required to place ads in the Dynamic Ads channel. Connexity uses data feeds of product offers in order to fuel targeting opportunities. Our systems also processes the details of product offers to generate additional placements with alternate ad copy to ensure the ads do not compete with other placements. This dynamic activity essentially provides you more “shelf space” with incremental placements that increase your exposure and reach into target audience segments.

The unique opportunity retailers have with Dynamic Ads is the ability to target shopper segments. Targeting is achieved using profiles of behavior exhibited by key shopper segments. In addition to demographic and interest options offered by traffic sources, Connexity can also draw upon a wealth of shopping behavior we see in our own network in order to create profiles of likely customers. These points of data along with signals of shoppers to your own brand allow Connexity to effectively target new customers and remarket to existing shoppers.





Content Ads

Reach Shoppers in Highly Contextual, Retail-Oriented Content

Online retailers are diversifying ad budgets outside of traditional walled gardens like paid search. Reaching shoppers where they have interests in contextual settings helps drive awareness and consideration. Connexity Content Ads offer retailers the opportunity to reach millions of consumers with diverse interests in thousands of product categories.

Benefitting From Connexity Content Ads

With the acquisition of the Skimlinks network in May 2020, Connexity’s Content Ads deliver traffic from over 40,000 retail-oriented publisher sites. Publishers on the Connexity platform including many desirable and respected titles from brands like Meredith, Conde Nast, Hearst and Vox Media. Our scale and access to new and differentiated audiences delivers the opportunity for expanded reach and incremental growth, making Connexity a critical customer acquisition channel for retailers.

How the Connexity Content Ads Channel Works

Publishers place ads for relevant product offers into editorial content like articles, guides and product reviews. Content Ads can appear in the form of simple in-text links or more robust image-based ads with product details and buy buttons. These implementations only need to access a deep link created by Connexity for the retailer’s product offers.

Some publishers offer more sophisticated implementations where ads are presented within content related shopping showcases or in content that presents the offers in product comparisons. These implementations often benefit from the retailer supplying a structured feed of product offer data that Connexity will process and will enhance in order to facilitate more detailed offer parameters for product differentiation and to drive showcase searches.




Influence Ads

Reach Consumers Influenced by Social Recommendations

Looking for opportunities to find new customers and drive sales growth using the power of social media? Connexity Influence Ads enable your products to be promoted by sophisticated social media creators with large and highly engaged audiences of followers looking for inspiration in categories like home decor, fashion, parenting, personal care and more.

Benefitting From Connexity Influence Ads

Influence ads within trusted social content of followed creators helps inspire audiences to shop outside of typical shopping activities. Getting your products promoted by influential creators, some exclusively using Connexity, can expand your reach into new audiences and drive incremental customer and sales growth.

With over 4,000 Connexity creators promoting retailer offers, Connexity Influence Ads have delivered nearly $100M in retailer revenue in 2020. More retail partners are recognizing the value of investing in social influence advertising as a great way to reach new customers and to find additional growth.

How the Connexity Influence Ads Channel Works

Connexity processes product offer data from retailers and streamlines the placement of ads by social media creators with specialized link technology. These linked product offers are available to creators via a number of libraries exposed in the ShopYourLikes platform. For preferred retailers, Connexity will also run additional promotions to creators of sales and special offers to encourage greater pickup by creators and thus greater exposure in social media content.

Creators place ads for products appealing to their audience sourced from the ShopYourLikes platform. Creators craft and place product-linked ad images into their curated social content. Ads can appear in Instagram stories or feeds, on Pinterest boards, in social blogs or in any social platform where a linked product ad can be inserted as content.

Audiences of followers inspired by the product-based content can then engage. Engaging is done by swiping-up on an Instagram story or clicking-through in other formats. This action lands the shopper directly onto the retailer’s product offer page to make purchasing easy.