Merchant Listing FAQ

1. Program Basics
How does Connexity’s Shopping Ad Platform work?

You determine a budget and set goals for Connexity to meet. We’ll do the complicated work of getting your ads listed in highly competitive traffic placements and will manage campaign optimization, reporting performance KPIs back to you regularly.

After registering and setting goals, a single feed of product offer data and a tracking pixel are all that’s needed to get started. We’ll accept and enhance the product data. Then Connexity will distribute your listings across our channels in the form of search ads on leading shopping portals; dynamic ads on interactive platforms; content ads on various types of retail-oriented publisher titles and influence ads promoted to audiences by social creators. Our sophisticated bidding systems will ensure you remain competitive for high-quality, high-intent shopper traffic

Your initial deposit will be applied against your Cost-Per-Click (CPC) redirect. You pay for customer leads on a cost-per-click basis. Our bidding and SmartPricing systems continuously optimize placements against your budget adjusting the price of placements based on the expected quality of traffic.

How do I register for a new account?

To register for a new account click the REGISTER button below.  It is free to open an account and there are no set-up fees nor long-term contracts. You also have the option to pause your campaign at any time.


How will you get my product listings?

Retailers submit their product information to Connexity in the form of a product feed. Click Here for our complete Data Feed Specifications to create your feed. From there, you will need to regularly deliver your feed to us through a File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Click link to find out how to create and drop a feed on a FTP. Connexity then ingests, enriches, and optimizes your feed to enable it to be distributed through the various channels that advertise your product listings.

What is your pricing model?

Connexity does not have a fixed pricing model.

A bid is the amount that you enter to determine your product exposure on the Connexity network and does not equate to your actual billed CPC. Connexity utilizes a proprietary Smart Pricing system to determine what to charge each click and ensure your ROI goals are being met. Smart Pricing is a system where CPC charges are calculated based on performance and not priced at a predetermined CPC rate. This flexible pricing model allows Connexity to charge the appropriate amount for each click as clicks all have different quality signals. Given all traffic sources are not created equal; adjusting CPCs by traffic source lets us pay more for the best traffic and less for sources converting at a lower rate, resulting in better conversion and higher sales volume.

What is Smart Pricing?

Smart Pricing is a system where traffic costs are calculated based on performance, not priced at a predetermined CPC rate. This flexible pricing model allows Connexity to acquire better sources of traffic.

All traffic is not created equal. Adjusting CPCs by traffic source lets Connexity pay more for the best traffic and less for sources converting at a lower rate, resulting in better conversion and higher sales volume.

What are the benefits of Smart Pricing?

Flexible pricing allows Connexity to acquire better sources of traffic, which helps retailers acquire new customers and remain competitive in placing ads within high-demand traffic.

All traffic is not created equal. Connexity pays more for sources that perform better. Here is an example: (Think of each row as a different traffic source from our network. We price based on the performance.)

How do I know what to bid?

A bid is the amount that you enter to determine your product exposure on the Connexity network and does not equate to your actual billed CPC. Our bidding algorithm will make adjustments based on the percentage change. While a $0.10 change might not seem like much, if the original bid was $0.05, that would represent a 100% increase. We recommend setting your initial bids between ($0.05-$0.10) and utilize our free managed service Connexity Bid Optimizer (CBO) to do the rest.

The Connexity Bid Optimizer provides automated bid placement and ROI optimization by performance, traffic source, product attributes, and price dimensions. Product based bidding can only go so far.  To fully realize the potential of the Connexity network, an additional layer of bid and pricing optimizations is required.  A close collaboration between teams is highly recommended as you input your Key Performance Indicator (KPI). If you would like to utilize this option, please reach out to our Connexity Merchant Services team by clicking here.

What are the Minimum CPC Rates?

The minimum bid that can be placed is .5c. Connexity then uses its proprietary Smart Pricing system to automatically adjust your CPC based on traffic quality. This allows us to send the best quality leads by adjusting your bid for both higher and lower converting traffic. Our Smart Pricing System will adjust the CPC higher or lower for individual clicks by traffic quality.  A bid is the amount that you enter to determine your product exposure on the Connexity network and does not equate to your actual billed CPC.

How are my products ranked in your search engine?

Product exposure and placement in search results is determined by the relevancy of your products to the shopper’s search query and by the amount of your CPC bid.  Product titles, descriptions and other data fields used to return search results will also factor into the placement of your products.

While Connexity will work to optimize CPC bids and while we will enhance a retailer’s product offer data feed, we encourage retailers to optimize product offers as much as they can. Providing complete product titles, description data, etc. is important.

2. Getting Started
Fund Your Account

Once you have registered for an account you can make a credit card deposit here. Connexity offers three payment plans: Continuous, Monthly Budget and One-Time Payment.

The minimum deposit for each plan is listed below:

  • Continuous- $100 minimum
  • Monthly – $500 minimum
  • One-Time Payment – $500 minimum

All funds deposited will go towards CPC leads to your website and there are no additional set up or listing fees.

Create a Data Feed

A data feed is a file that contains all of your product information, such as product titles, URLs, image URLs, price, and other important pieces of information that we use to list your products on our sites.  Click Here for our complete Data Feed Specifications to create your feed.

How are my products Categorized?

Connexity does its best to determine your category placement by looking at the category field in your feed. There are instances where our system predetermines a better placement and moves your products into a different category. In these instances, please feel free to reach out to Connexity Merchant Services to help with your categorization.

Submit your Data Feed

Connexity accepts .txt and .csv files in a variety of formats including Google formatted feeds. Click Here for our complete Data Feed Specifications.  In order to submit your product feed, you will need to set up a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) location. An FTP is a standardized network protocol used to transfer files between a client and a server over the internet.

You can use our FTP or define your own FTP / HTTP / HTTPS location. You can set up your delivery settings here:

If using our FTP location, start here:

  1. In order to update your feed from your FTP location, you must first download an FTP client. There are many free FTP programs such as Filezilla which you can download here:​tt
  2. Login to Filezilla with the credentials that were generated.
  3. Drop your feed file into the bottom right quadrant of Filezilla.

If using your own FTP/HTTP/HTTPS location:

  1. Enter the appropriate location details (Domain, Path, Filename, etc.).

After completing the steps above, a member of the Merchant Services team will contact you within 24 business hours.

Submit Key Performance Indicator KPI

Connexity is a performance marketing network. For us to successfully optimize your campaign, we need to understand your key performance indicator (KPI).  We utilize your performance success metric to help us understand how to optimize your campaign for success.  Although we do not guarantee performance, by understanding your KPIsand having a feedback loop to help us optimize your account , we strive to reach your goal.  Connexity can us a variety of KPIs such as Cost of Sale (COS), Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), Return on Investment (ROI), Cost Per Order (CPO) and Cost Per New Customer (CPNC).  During the registration process, we ask that you notify us of your KPI metric before we activate your campaign.

Submit Universal Tracking Parameter

Connexity partners with content curators, creators, and social influencers who will introduce your store, brand, and products to a whole new set of customers. These partners often drive a large volume of high-quality leads to pages such as deals, top products, clearance, etc. In order to track these sales, you need to provide a “universal tracking parameter” that we will append to these URLs. This traffic, just like any other channel, will be smart priced higher or lower based on traffic quality. To opt-in, simply enter the parameter on the merchant interface.

Add Performance Tracking Pixel

The biggest factor to your campaign’s success is our free performance tracker. The Connexity Performance Tracker is a small piece of code that you add to your receipt page. It collects important sales data resulting from your Connexity-generated clicks. Installing the tracker varies from platform to platform. Click here to view installing instructions for the most commonly used platforms.

Place Bids

Subcategory Bids are entered through the Connexity Merchant Interface and are used for any products that do not have Product bids. As a courtesy, the Merchant Services team will set your subcategory bids at $0.10. As a point of reference, we recommend placing your initial bids at a conservative bid level between $0.05 and $0.10 to start.

How do I know when my campaign is ready to go live?

A member of the Merchant Services team will be in contact with you to provide an activation date.

Where can I submit questions?

Monday through Friday between 8:30-5:30 PST you can call our Merchant Services toll free number: 1-877-224-2999. You can also use the Contact Us link on the upper right of your account interface or click here to email us directly.