The Connexity Shopping Ad Platform

Scale to Perform

Our platform has the scale needed to deliver on your goals.

The scale of the Connexity Shopping Ad platform provides retailers access to over 44 million shoppers engaging every month and driving over 400 million purchase leads to retailer sites. Our platform has delivered more than $2B in incremental sales revenue for retail partners in 2020.


The Campaign Process

Let us do the heavy-lifting. We’ll get your offers placed in competitive traffic and optimize to your goals.

Connexity streamlines shopping ad campaigns and on-going optimization. All you need to do is determine a budget and set goals. We’ll do the complicated work. Connexity will get your product ads in highly competitive traffic placements and we’ll manage campaign optimization to meet your goals. Connexity will also report performance KPIs back to you on a regular schedule so that you can adjust on-going goals and priorities.

After registering and setting goals, a single feed of product offer data and conversion tracking data are all that’s needed to get started. We’ll accept and enhance the product data. Then Connexity will syndicate your product offers in placements across our channels in the form of content ads and links in various types of retail-oriented publisher titles, influence ads promoted to audiences by social media creators, search ads on leading shopping portals and dynamic ads on interactive platforms. Our sophisticated bidding systems will ensure you remain competitive for high-quality, high-intent shopper traffic.



For more answers to questions about the Connexity campaign process and ad placements, visit our Merchant Listing FAQ. Get started today by registering for an account. Our Merchant Services Team can walk you through the process and will ensure your campaign is setup to perform to the goals you set.


Benefit From Technology

Get incremental reach and compete for the highest quality traffic with Connexity shopping ad technology.

We are more than just one of the largest retail advertising networks, driving $2B in incremental sales growth through 40,000+ sources of consumer shopping traffic. Connexity is a Shopping Ad Platform focused on performance marketing. Our ability to deliver outsized performance is underwritten by on-going investments in technology development benefiting our retail partners.

For nearly 20 years Connexity has been innovating in the shopping ad and performance marketing space. Our team has a history of technology development both in the processing of product data for ad development as well as in the optimized bidding and pricing to ensure our retail partners gain a competitive edge in high-value ad placements.

Product Data Technology

Achieve increased exposure and expanded placement opportunities with Connexity data enrichment and syndication technology. We have developed sophisticated systems and processes for ingesting, enriching and syndicating data about retail product offers to facilitate expanded ad placement. Years of experience working with large scale retailers and in placing ads on a diverse set of traffic sources, has led Connexity to innovate data enrichment processes and data formats that increase retailer opportunities and streamline publisher ad placement.

Product Data Enrichment

Your reach is expanded with incremental placements made possible by Connexity product data enrichment. Our systems examine your product offer data and look for opportunities to automatically enrich this data by filling in information that is missing, optimizing the classification of products and by providing alternate product descriptions, alternate titles and additional ad copy. All of these enhancements drive the opportunity to generate incremental ad placements that do not compete with existing ads, therefore expanding a retailer’s “shelf space” and increasing reach into target shoppers.

Sophisticated Data Syndication

Your ads appear in the most in-demand retail placements with syndication powered by Connexity data format innovations. Shopping showcases, product comparisons and product searches within publisher sites and portals are some of the most competitive ad placement opportunities. These placements often require automated access to specifically structured formats of product data to continuously optimize for capabilities like search, category comparisons and price comparisons. Connexity has invested time and resources to develop customized implementations of product data access for some of the largest shopping traffic sources. This means bringing new retailer’s ads to these sources is streamlined when those ads are sourced from Connexity.

Bidding and Pricing Technology

Access the highest quality shopping ad traffic with active bidding and pricing, required to remain competitive for in-demand placements. Connexity employs sophisticated bidding and pricing technology refined over years of managing cost-per-click (CPC) campaigns for top brands in dozens of product categories (learn more about the benefit of CPC advertising models here). Connexity’s systems continuously optimize placements against the retailer’s Cost of Sale (COS) target by monitoring traffic performance and adjusting prices.

Connexity Bid Optimizer

The Connexity Bid Optimizer (CBO) provides automated bid placement and ROI optimization by performance, traffic source, product attributes, and price dimensions. This additional layer of technology on top of analyst-lead performance monitoring helps to fully realize a retailer’s ROI potential. Our engagement model includes a close collaboration between the retailer and Connexity analyst teams to ensure your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are prioritized in campaign optimization.


In our SmartPricing system CPC costs are calculated based on consumer traffic performance. This means pricing is flexible and not predetermined from a static rate. Placing higher costs on the highest quality traffic and lowering costs for lower quality traffic helps manage retailer budget performance while ensuring we continue to acquire quality traffic and keep retailers competitive in bidding for placements in the best converting traffic.


Below is an example of how SmartPricing works across a campaign with each row representing a different traffic source from a Connexity channel. With Cost of Sale (COS) as a target KPI, Connexity optimizes channel syndication, bids and pricing to perform as best as possible while conforming to the target.