Simplifying access to incremental sales and new customers for retailers

Reach new customer prospects across thousands of hard-to-reach retail-oriented consumer touchpoints.


Key Stats for Retailers

$ 1 B+
Delivered $1.3B+ in sales revenue in 2019 and 400M+ leads to our retail partners
200 M
Preferred Access to Over 200M Monthly Unique shoppers
50 %
50% of the IR 100 currently participating
2000 +
2000+ retail-oriented publishers in the network

The Opportunity

Retailers need to find incremental sales and new customers at scale beyond legacy search channels in an increasingly fragmented market.

The Solution

Connexity drives incremental sales and new customers for our retailers from thousands of high-quality, hard-to-reach retail touchpoints.


Customer Reviews

“Connexity has delivered incremental sales revenue and new customers outside of traditional paid search. Their access to premium supply channels and proprietary Smart Pricing technology has ensured our ad spend is consistently aligned with our profitability goals. Our sales revenue has grown 20-25% annually and their free managed service has been clutch. It’s removed the burden of daily campaign oversight and allowed us to take a more strategic and collaborative approach.”

Madeleine Backfield
Media Activation Manager, Lenovo US

“Our Connexity partnership helps Tinuiti over-deliver for retail clients. The additional reach of Connexity’s exclusive channels outperforms standard Google and Bing ads on the KPIs we care about. We look forward to continuing to deliver this type of performance for our clients and will be recommending more retailers advertise through Connexity.”

Courtney O’Donnell
Director of Shopping & Feed, Tinuiti

“Connexity grew our sales revenue 224% YoY aligned with our cost-of-sale objectives. The best part is, they accomplished this without increasing our workload. We placed our trust in their complimentary managed service offering and the results speak for themselves. We are thrilled with our partnership and look forward to continuing similar growth trends in the years to come.“

Regan Bigelow
Search Engine Mktg Mgr., Adam & Eve

“Until we began working with Connexity, our business was truly seasonal. With the additional reach of Connexity paid listing ads, we grew sales more than 5X in our second year – all while maintaining target cost-of-sale ranges. Our partnership with Connexity and expert Account Manager help has been transformational and given us the confidence to operate year-round. Now we look forward to further growth opportunities ahead.”

Marc Smith
President, Prime Pool Market

“Connexity is an amazing source of new customers and incremental sales. Been working with them for the past 10+ years personally and Connexity has always been a part of the ecommerce channel mix. It is simply because they have always been proactive in working with us to achieve and exceed both revenue and return on ad spend goals. The CSE PLA program has provided additional exposure on Google and Bing that can only be booked via price comparison services like Connexity and has proven to be complimentary (not competitive) with our direct PLA campaigns.”

Mac Simagrai
Director of Digital Acquisition, Ariat International

Why Retailers choose Connexity

High quality, hard-to-reach sources of retail traffic such as Connexity Premium Publisher Network and ShopYourLikes Social Influencer Platform that offer simplified access to 1000s of unique hard-to-manage, high-quality retail touchpoints.

Quality control and dynamic ROI management with Connexity’s proprietary Smart Pricing technology, ensuring that each click is priced appropriately and ROI goals are met.

Experienced account management team with 8 years average experience.

No set-up fees, long-term contracts or commitments.

See example Success Stories

Success Stories

Connexity delivers success for retailers in many verticals including fashion, home decor, electronics, luxury goods, gourmet foods, personal care, pet care and more.


EXPLORE how Connexity has delivered ROAS results with example case studies and success stories.



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