Sample Success Stories

Explore success stories where the Connexity shopping ad platform delivered exceptional results for retailers

A Sample of Success Stories


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Expanding Channel Opportunities Drives New Customer Growth

Tinuiti pioneers dedicated shopping and feed programs for some of the largest retailers in the world. While PLAs on Google and Bing have been a staple of Tinuiti’s retail ad services, additional acquisition growth and diversification of engagement were important goals for some clients.

In 2019 Tinuiti partnered with Connexity for our ability to open growth opportunities through exclusive shopping channels beyond their normal PLA spend, including social influence marketing.


Scaling Traffic Drives New Customer Acquisition

A migration to e-commerce shopping during the COVID-19 outbreak provided an opportunity for a pet supply retailer. With new customer acquisition as a core KPI, strategically scaling ad traffic on new channels helped the retailer drive significant new customer growth.

Quickly scaling ad traffic at the right time enabled Connexity to help the retailer seize the opportunity. The result was a significant increase in new customers all while decreasing the average cost of acquisition.

Seizing Opportunities for Direct-to-Consumer Sales Growth

With a direct to consumer sales model to manage a reputation for safe products, this retailer needed help to grow new customer traffic to their ecommerce site.

Connexity manages campaigns to capture high-intent shoppers on comparison shopping engines and on premium publisher sites with contextual content.

In the first month Connexity delivered significant traffic and revenue results all while controlling spend to over-achieve on target return on ad spend (ROAS).


Leaning Into Opportunities Delivers Performance

While online attention during the COVID-19 pandemic shifted to essential grocery and delivery services, a ready-to-ship gourmet food provider had significant gains by increasing PLA spend and visibility.

Even during difficult economic times, increasing advertising and visibility paid off for this retailer. While ad spend was increased, performance marketing delivered some of the retailer’s best sales and conversion metrics to date.

OTTY Hybrid Mattress

Connexity shopping ad campaigns resulted in a 7:1 ROAS, a 300% improvement on OTTY’s own direct campaigns. Generating incremental placements, Connexity expanded the reach and visibility of OTTY in shopping ad campaigns. As a full-service provider, Connexity delivered results with no additional work needed from the OTTY team.

“Connexity not only drove an increase in sales for us, it has also helped us to consistently outperform other shopping campaigns. This channel will be an important part of our digital strategy for years to come.”


Andrew Jacobs

Digital Marketing Manager, OTTY